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REimagine Afrika Photoshoot July 23rd 2015


I was recently honored to be a photographer for as a collaboration.

We had a photoshoot in Central Park. It was really nice to meet these ambitious well rooted women.

Each of them has beauty that was glowing and a personality that sparkles. I tried to capture their uniqueness in a context that showed what brought them together : Napsodik. It was fun with a purpose. You can find out more below by clicking "read more" and see the photos from the shoot. Ibrahima

"1st VirArtgallery Prize 2015"
Art Prize Winners Exhibitions

Virart Gallery May 2015


This is the final list:
1st Prize (Personal Exhibition with Min 14 max 28 works): Lichtenegger Rudolf
2nd - 3th and 4th Prize (Collective Exhibition with 7 works each artist): Lynne Blundell, Walter Schönenbröcher, Alessandra Lugli
From 5th to 11th Prize (Collective Exhibition with 2 works each artist): Antonio Sammartano, Luciano Caggianello, Paula Haapalahti, Lola Lonli, Federica Bartoli, Ibrahima Diallo, Estela SanMillan, Valérie Cagnoli
Special Price of the jury (Personal Exhibition with 14 works): Frank Moore
Thanks and congratulation!

1st GANYC Apple Awards

March 2015


After 8 years of being a NYC Licensed guide, I finally witnessed something I would have not imagined possible 3 years ago. Yep, The Guides Association of New York City (GANYC) organized it's First ever Apple Awards Ceremony honoring the "best of NYC". And guess who was a Photographer at the event :yours truly. I was honored and very pleased to be part of this historic event. It was challenging being in dark lighting conditions but with the great team that prepared and staffed the event, it was a success. Click below to see the photos, videos, and read more about the event, the Association, the winners etc...


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